TARAS Vision Inc.

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Trauma/Abuse Recovery for Adult Survivors


Purpose of TARAS Vision

  • Provide counselling services to adults and youth who need help dealing with childhood abuse or trauma

  • Promote awareness and understanding of childhood trauma and abuse

  • Provide educational workshops                     

  • Sponsor support groups

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We have all experienced some form of childhood trauma. 
Many of us have grown up carrying the pain of childhood traumas such as:

  • Constant criticism, teasing or ridicule from peers

  • Physical and emotional abuse or neglect

  • Sexual abuse

  • A family member's addiction to alcohol, work, gambling, etc.

  • Witnessing abuse

  • Loss or separation from parent(s), siblings or other family members

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TARAS Vision offers support to adults and youth who want to resolve the past and build a healthier future.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT ALONE.
Pick up the phone and call if you are:

  • Feeling a sense of helplessness

  • Feeling worthless, lonely, guilty, ashamed and hopeless

  • Feeling prolonged sadness

  • Feeling depressed

  • Experiencing recurring and distressing memories or dreams

  • Reliving traumatic circumstances

  • Having difficulty trusting

  • Feeling overwhelmed by or disconnected from these feelings

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Treatment is available to all persons, regardless of their financial situation.
There is no set fee for service.  We count on the generosity of the public
for donations that enable us to continue to provide these services.


TARAS Vision has been providing services to the Parkland Region of Manitoba since 1993. 
We have offices in Ste. Rose du Lac and Dauphin.

A registered charitable organization, TARAS Vision is pleased to accept donations and issue tax receipts.

Memberships are $20.00 annually and are used to support this work.

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Contact us at the Ste Rose Office
Box 446
Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba
R0L 1S0

All calls are confidential, including messages left on the answering machine.


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